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Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

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Property and Casualty Insurance Broker

For young people who are currently evaluating their career choices and for the less young who are looking for a second career, think about damage insurance brokerage!

We rarely come out of school thinking of becoming an insurance broker! We get to the industry rather by chance. A friend refers you or a family member is already working in the field. That’s how the majority of the workforce comes into the insurance business!

What does it take as a degree? Start with a Cegep degree. In Quebec a college diploma is a minimum prerequisite of the profession. Other career opportunities available to you based on your work and study experiences, visit the Quebec Financial Markets Authority website for more information; www.lautorite.qc.ca/devenir-professionnel

As a damage insurance broker, 2 choices are available! Personal damage insurance or business damage insurance. In order to assess your interest in the profession and gain experience in the industry, the vast majority of brokers start their career in personal lines department. This consists of the completion of three theoretical exams supervised by the Quebec Financial Markets Authority and allows you to quickly be hired by a brokerage firm.

As a property and casualty insurance broker, you will work closely with several insurers, such as INTACT Insurance. The insurance giant alone has half of the brokerage distribution in Canada.

Job prospects are excellent. The industry is suffering from a labor shortage, in part due to the retirement of many brokers. At this time, the demand for insurance professionals is so high that the damage insurance brokerage offices make presentations in schools to recruit students

ASCO Insurance is a growing independent broker and we are also looking for good candidates. We have eight (8) locations in Quebec and we work in the field of high-end residential insurance and commercial insurance.

For a complete list of Quebec Insurance Brokerages, visit the Group’s website at www.rccaq.com.

While the new technology is helping brokerages and brokers become more efficient in their work methods, the insurance industry remains an industry where interpersonal relationships remain critical to the success of the business. Workforce will always be needed and the industry is an excellent career choice!

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