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Expenses to relocate your family.

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Did you know your home insurance policy indemnifies if you have to move your family and live temporarily out of your home? While your home is being rebuilt or renovated following a disaster, insurance policies provide coverage to relocate your family as well as the cost of living elsewhere.

Most insurance policies in the industry have a limit for living expenses that initially seems sufficient. However, in recent years, natural disasters have lengthened the period of time policyholders have to live out of their home, making your limit very often insufficient to reimburse all costs incurred. Take for example the case where an entire region is affected by a sewer back-up. All contractors in this region will be overloaded with reconstruction work.  Reconstruction time will therefore be longer due to this lack of contractors. The amount of the limit of your living expenses will then be insufficient to cover all your expenses incurred during the long waiting time. This effect is even more pronounced in time of labor shortage.

To all our high-end insurance policyholders, your policies are illimited. There are insurance policies that offer this protection without limitation. In particular, the policies taken with CHUBB and The Guarantee insurance company. You will be paid for living expenses no matter how much and how long it takes to repair your home!

ASCO Insurance is one of the most important firm in the field of damage insurance brokerage in Quebec. Founded in 2007 with the vision of offering incomparable service and products specific to our client’s needs. Our clientele consists mainly of Quebec business people who recognize the added value we bring. Our clients also recognize the importance of being well surrounded to make better decisions and they want to do business with ASCO Insurance!

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